Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pie Fundraising Update

Wow! Since announcing the Pie Fundraiser last week, I've made 11 pies! Total awesomeness!

Right now, that puts the current donation amount at $68! (A few gave more than they needed). Thanks to all that have supported the cause and hope you enjoyed it!

I'm still cranking them out with more orders to go. So please let me know if you like one! You'll be helping out Toys For Tots and getting an delicious pie! (FYI, I can't ship or deliver the pies anywhere beyond LA County. It just costs way too much. Sorry Annie in Boston!)

They are still $13 each but I'm fearing the price could go up. Some ingredients are a little higher in prices, and I might have to compensate on that. Remember the pies are priced at cost, plus 5 dollars for Toys For Tots. It might be one or two dollars more, but we'll see.

Hope all of you are enjoying your day!


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