Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Post Pie Experience

Wow! I can't believe all the stuff that's been happening just from one "humble" pie (pun intended).

My name came out in the LA Times Food Blog as well as LAist! Maybe I'm missing some other forms of print, but it's been really crazy!

I've also met a handful of new friends who are even more passionate and talented in baking than I'll ever be. It's true! They are all about the baking! It's awesome!

A friend even asked me if I was going to sell my pies now. At first, I kind of laughed. "Who the hell would want to buy my pies? Yeah, I won a ribbon and all but is anyone but a handful of people really going to buy it? And I only have one good pie so far!"

I thought long and hard about it. And maybe it could work out, maybe not. But I'm really contemplating if I should do it.

If I did, I really want it mean something. I don't want to do it purely for profit. It would be nice to have a little cash on the side (who wouldn't). But I feel in my gut that it's not the right thing to do, especially during the upcoming holidays.

So that is why, if I really do this, 100% of the profits (minus the cost), from my pies will go towards a charity. 'Tis the season of giving so why not? I'd feel so much better knowing that the money I raise goes to a good cause, rather than me spending it on something lame on myself.

I'll be sure to make my decision soon. I really have to figure out the scale of the thing. The amount of demand, the cost, the pricing, THE TIME, everything! Plus, I need to learn how to make new pies! It's a big challenge, but it might be worth it in the end.

I don't want to get all religious but if this is a calling from God, maybe some good will come out of it.

-Dan Hong

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